Terms of Use

DocKoTo is a mobile telemedicine app that is created, managed and owned by Ideahub IT Solutions Provider, Inc. It is a tool that allows individuals seeking medical checkup to find the doctors of their choice remotely. Services covered in the platform include online consultation, diagnosis and e-prescription.

User Agreement

By accessing and using the app, you agree to all the conditions prescribed herein. By sharing personal information, you accept that such data shall be used for the services contained in this platform. You also agree that all information presented are true and based only on facts.

Intellectual Protection

All contents, images, designs and other related matters are the sole property of Ideahub IT Solutions, Inc. All items associated with this product is protected by copyright laws. At no time will all these components or elements be used and copied without proper authorization and approval from the holding firm.

User Liability

Under no condition will the app be used for whatever reason, other than the purpose which it was intended for, without the expressed written consent of the company owning and managing it. Any prohibited activity against the product shall be utilized as basis for corresponding legal and punitive actions under Philippine laws.

The handling of usernames, passwords and other related access credentials are the sole responsibility of the respective client or user. At no time will the holding company be held liable for any inconvenience associated with such matters.

Service Termination​

Service prohibition, refusal and suspension shall be legally adopted by Ideahub IT Solutions, Inc. based on violations or damaging approaches which can jeopardize and destroy the operational integrity of the services provided by the app.

Change Policy ​

Any changes or amendments associated in this platform shall be adopted by the company without prior notice. Such modifications shall be pursued based on how the firm sees it fit to make the app services more efficient in use.